#12 repository-view and other stuff


1. I want to be able to switch to a classic repository-view like you got in PkgBrowser. That should include filters for installed/non-installed/orphans/updates/groups/foreign -packages system-wide and not just for one repo.
2. I want a details-window like you got in Synpatic or PkgBrowser showing you the full description, dependencies, files and so on (maybe both as a doubleclick-popup and a split-view with tabs)

for option 1 and 2 have a look at this one http://www.abload.de/img/pkgbrowser4dk4.png and this http://www.abload.de/img/synapticv04p.png

The pics are just just to explain what I mean. I want this optional and not as a replacement for the nice GUI you already made and I dont want a remake of synaptic/pkgbrowser or porthole.

3. AUR-hits for available updates are not shown via tray-icon
4. I want yaourt-support, more precisely support for building from ABS/AUR and altering the pacman-arguments like you can in "porthole" the portage frontend.
How to do something like "yaourt -Sbb warsow"? I want warsow compiled and the dependencies as well. Maybe I also need to edit the PKGBUILDs and .install files during that installation. Maybe I need the "--noconfirm" flag.
5. I want to recursively remove a package (pacman -Rs) or rather alter the possible arguments before the command is applied.

for options 4 and 5 have a look at this one http://www.abload.de/img/portholeu7gc.png

Again this is just to explain what I mean, not to remake anything. I think those are features that really can be added.

6. I want to be able to switch to a more detailed view for installing packages. ATM I can't read the output at all and the window is closed before I can review what has been done.
7. How about a global database for popularity of packages (I remember Linux-Mint has something like that)? Regarding AUR you could just output the "votes".
8. password is still not saved
9. will add more things eventually^^

I know. Pepole will tell me... why not use PkgBrowser, appset-qt and the console alltogether. Of course, I do, but console sucks to browse repos and PkgBrowser has now installation-functionality. Maintaining your packages would be a lot easier if you just need one program and I think this one comes close to it.


  • hasufell

    hasufell - 2011-08-12

    Just to clarify... "I want" means "I know this is free and opensource and I would like to add my suggestions to improve this piece of quality-software" ;)

  • Simone Tobia

    Simone Tobia - 2011-08-25

    Well, thanks for your suggestions. I'll implement some of these feature requests over time and keep this tracker updated.

  • Bob Wya

    Bob Wya - 2011-10-16

    I am using latest Charkra release and definately a new user to this distro! I have QtCreator installed - but the C++ tutorial files don't appear to be installed by default. So my first call was to look at AptSet and try and see what files the qtcreator package had installed - a feature that Synaptic offers under Kubuntu... I had to drop to the command line in the end and use pacman...

    Anyway to offer this functionality I would like to see added to AppSet - it would be really useful to have 2 extra tabs (in addition to 'homepage' and 'details') a 'local files' tab (pacman -Ql <package>) and an 'info' tab (pacman -Qi <package>). These tabs would only appear for packages that are installed locally. If the former tab (local files tab) had URI links to the local files and folders that opened in Dolphin - you guys would get a medal!!

  • Simone Tobia

    Simone Tobia - 2011-10-16

    @bill_gates_666: As I have already answered in tracker #3413878 I've already implemented a "Files tree" tab since 0.7 (released 2011-10-12) that is exactly what you call "local files" tab. It shows installed files as a tree with icons from default desktop theme. To date (2011-10-16) Chakra has not yet updated to version 0.7 (they have 0.6.4). I don't know why, maybe their packager is engaged elsewhere, really I do not know.
    However, please fire a new tracker for new every "single" requests. It simplify me (yes I'm the only dev of AppSet), thanks.

    @julian: since version 0.7.0pre there is a repository search filter, so maybe something similar to your request #1.
    Point 6 is now possible (since 0.7.0pre) if you choose to exec ops with external X term emulator.
    (I'll continue to keep this tracker updated...)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Whoops! I just installed the big Charkra update - so naturally assumed that Package Manager had been included (most applications seem to be at the 'bleeding-edge' versions).

    Got to love FOSS projects where your problem is solved before you even ask the question :-)


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