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New Plan

Along the steps of the project design, I found that lots of good ideas was too hard too implementation within the C++ environment by now.
I wanna some of new technologies to support this project.
So, I've made a decision that I'll migrate the code to java platform and using OSGi framework to manage and update plugins.
Sorry for so much changes.
See you next release.

Posted by Alliciga 2006-09-30


Since the appp is released version 1.0.2,
I decided to improve the management of appp server.
In the next version release, Appp will run as a Daemon and we will have a remote control program written by Java and named JApppUI.
We could manage appp more easily. :)

Posted by Alliciga 2006-09-24

version 1.0.0 Released

Mash changed.
I've worked several days for this version!
now, someone else could write their own appp User Interface (management client) using xml-rpc.
I provided a console version like the previous versions.

And more important, I've complete a MemoryMonitorPolicy in this version. It is no longer a test or preview version. it is useful!!

more test too. :D

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-28


The archi of project was decided last night.
UserInterface will be a XML-RPC Server at next release and the NotificationPolicies will using static code.

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-24

Release Delay

I've encountered some problem in project architecture.
I could'nt decide how to design the UserInterface and the Notification Extension.
So, the next week I'll release no file. so sad :(
But after several days discussion, we'll brought new version to you.

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-23

Subversion Usage

You can access the project code in time with subversion tools:

check out from the URL below:

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-21

appp 0.0.2

Version 0.0.2 Added full list of commands into UserInterfaceThread.
And test more.
Till now, the framework was almost complete.
The followed task was to write kinds of MonitorPolicy and Notification Policy

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-21

0.0.1 Release of APPP

I just got a runnable framework version of APPP last night!
It's using the testing MonitorPolicy and NotificationPolicy.
I think it will be a valuable tool of linux system in the future.
The important is Appp is totally free and open unlike RedHat Network which has the same function.

Posted by Alliciga 2006-08-19