#21 Improvement


Hi, the program is great, I just have a suggestion. If you
have seen Chaoscope program it has a set of slides to
make the transformations in the editor. I Apo is done by
moving the triangles and my suggestion was if would be
possible to create and interface similar to the one from
Chaoscope in the editor (f4)?


  • Piotr Borys

    Piotr Borys - 2005-10-05

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    Please, try to be more descriptive... haven't seen
    Chaoscope. How about some screenshots?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    haven't seen the interface but I have a different suggestion.

    The ability to select more than one transform triangle and
    then the abilty to make any changes to selected set happen
    to all selected trianges. changes such as rotating , resizing,
    wieghts, moving as group, changes to types of transforms ex.
    ( linear, spherial, swirl, etc. and their amounts.) Much like the
    flip all button works except you could select which transforms
    to flip or rotate or what have you and do it as a group.

    maybe teven the ability to create groups and save them so
    you don't need to reselect them so that all respond to
    changes except of coarse each triangles individual triangle

    . It can be very time consuming and tricky to set multiple
    triangles up with such changes.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Why dont you guys add Faber's (move) variation feature to
    the next version. I tryed his program he put out and even
    though the interface did not show buttons right the feature
    worked great although the program timed out and doesn't
    work any more.

    While you're at it create a similar variation feature
    called (rotate) which rotates transforms much like the
    Faber's (move) variation works.

    Also I think a grouping feature which allows multiple
    tranforms to be move sized etc together relative to each


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