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#69 Crashes on large renders with multi-threading

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Peter F

I recently bought a quad core pc and have started doing renders with all four cores.

On small renders (couple of minutes) it renders without a problem. But on large renders (more than 5 hrs) it crashes.
It starts the render fine and even completes the render but after it does so it crashes. I.e it freezes on the screen saying it's got 0 seconds remaining and doesn't ever actually save the render and finish the process.
If you try press the "stop" or "pause" button at this point it says there's a memory access error. They only way to access is to end the task through taskman

flam3-2.7.11, Apophysis 2.07, Windows XP, Phenom 9600, Corsair 8500 C5D 4GB, Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe


  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2008-07-18

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    I have no 4-core CPU to test it, but it works quite well on my Core 2 Duo.

    > Details:
    > flam3-2.7.11,
    so, is it a flam3 problem or Apophysis problem? :-\

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan - 2008-08-23

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    Yes, I get the same multicore problem, but with 2.08 beta. I've had better success with 2.07 previously, but unfortunately, it's expired. I'm running a dual boot system - XP 32 bit/Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I've been getting hangs on both sides. Out of about 15 high res renders, I've succeeded with only 5. Some were done in Vista and maybe 2 on XP side. In Vista, it craps out in about the last hundredths of a second. In XP, it's crapped out at various times during the render. Usually, it's either access violations or thread errors. Doesn't matter if it's single pass or multi-pass renders, it's crapped out on both. This concerns Apophysis 2.08 beta only. Nothing else (flam3, etc.) is run in conjunction.

    Windows XP SP3 32 bit/Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bit, Intel Q6600, 8GB G.Skill RAM, Gigabyte P35C-DS3R, BFG Nvidia 8800 GT, No overclocking

  • Sven Geier

    Sven Geier - 2009-12-18

    I came here looking for the exact same thing: on my core2 6700, 2.66GHz, (2 CPUs) with Apo 2.09 I seem unable to do long renders. It never makes it through the first image when I use the batch render script, with the new "render all" function it made it through one or two flames in a file, then on the third one it finished but never wrote the result to disk. The last two lines in the window were

    10:55:54 PM : Rendering...
    12:54:05 AM : Creating image with quality = 10000.01

    In the status bar it says "Remaining 00:00:00:00". CPU usage dropped from ~99% during the render to 50% (i.e. it yielded one core, but is still doing something in the other one). There's no "Saving Image" line. The image was never written.

    This needs to be looked into.


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