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APLAWS / News: Recent posts

Version 2.1 on the horizon

We have exciting news for the APLAWS+ user group: APLAWS+ version 2.1 is on the horizon!

After a lot of hard work and collaboration by Bremen University and Camden Council we are ready to publish a first beta version of APLAWS+ version 2.1. We are now starting an intensive QA test phase in Camden aiming to migrate our production site to the new version.

The new version has a lot of improvements and new features. Details are listet at

Posted by pboy 2014-01-10

Current release now available on sourceforge as well

Until recently the current release APLAWS+ 1.0.4 was not available on here on sourceforge, but on an intermediate server, due to an ongoing restructure of the project's organization. We now transferred the program files and the corresponding documentation back to sourceforge. Enjoy!

Posted by pboy 2009-07-23

APLAWS+ 1.0.4 is available

APLAWS+ 1.0.4 was released on Oct 7, 2006. It can temporarily be downloaded from

Posted by Terry 2008-02-13

APLAWS+ subversion repository has moved

The APLAWS+ subversion repository has moved. See for read-only and read-write access.

Posted by Terry 2008-02-13

APLAWS+ User Group

APLAWS user group took place near the Camden town hall. Users representing various UK local authorities and the APLAWS suppliers have attended this useful session, to exchange ideas and experiences of using APLAWS. Presentations from the meeting will be made avaiable soon.

Posted by Aingaran Pillai 2004-08-20

APLAWS+ 1.0.1 released

Following considerable work on the code for the London Borough of Camden's implementation of APLAWS+, many bug fixes and improvements made by Red Hat have now been made available into a new release of the APLAWS+ code. This release also includes bug fixes and enhancements from other suppliers and went through a quality assurance process with Camden developers and GoMeta. This work serves as the first release in terms of the development path of APLAWS+ for the next year. APLAWS is an Open Source Content Management System. The system has been designed to help UK authorities deliver services online as part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's Local Government Online programme.

Posted by Aingaran Pillai 2004-07-16