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Access Point Utilites for Unix / News: Recent posts

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Posted by Roman Festchook 2005-11-05

ap-utils 1.4.2pre1 released

Changes from ap-utils-1.4.1 => ap-utils-1.4.2pre1
* added 'ap-auth' command line utility to change the list of authorised MAC
addresses with some docs;
* aplayed patch that adds name to list of APs in connect phase;
* fixed build on freebsd;
* small UI fixes;
* Turkish translation added, Polish and Ukrainian translations updated.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2004-10-24

ap-utils 1.4pre2 "Happy New Year" released

Added new utility for ATMEL410 AP with 1.4k.1 firmware and support for RADIUS auth, wireless clients isolation, Repeater mode, Config port blocking, connected APs extended info (MAC, IP, Parent IP, RSSI, LQ, Status, Port), ap-mrtg utility changed to support ATMEL12350/ME-102 devices.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2004-01-02

ap-utils 1.3.4pre1 released

* implemented searching APs per multiple network devices.
* antenna selecting support updated;
* added some check for correct data in ap-mrtg utility;
* internal code changes;
* user interface improvements;
* some fixes for better support ATMEL12350 devices;
* uk translation updated.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-11-23

ap-utils ver 1.3.3 released

Main changes from 1.3.2:
* many new options and better support for ATMEL12350 devices;
* added AP type autodetection;
* added option to choose AP to connect from AP search result;
* user interface improvements;
* many internal improvements to avoid memory leaks;
* BSD compile fixes;
* bigendian fixes;
* added Romanian and Dutch translation.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-10-23

ap-utils version 1.3.3-pre2 released

Main changes in this release:
* Added new supported options in ATMEL12350 APs (thanks to Jan Rafaj);
* New Dutch translations added (thanks to Taco Witte);
* Really lot of small fixes, internal code rewriting, interface improvements
and spelling (mostly by Jan Rafaj).
Please test!

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-08-15

ap-utils-1.3.3-pre1 released

Added autodetection of AP type, option to connect to APs found by the AP search, bigendian and OpenBSD fixes. Added Romanian translation.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-07-26

ap-utils 1.3.2 released

Support for the new revision of the Netgear ME102 and compatibles was added. Many small bugfixes were made for 64-bit architectures and
big endian machines. vi-like keys can now be used for menu movement,and some updates were made for faster screen handling.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-06-08

ap-utils 1.3.1 released

Access Point Utilites for Unix is a set of utilites to configure and monitor Wireless Access Points under Unix using SNMP protocol. Utilites knownly compiles and run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS-X, AIX, QNX. Changes in this release: The connect option for many APs can be stored in the options file. Fixes to build on OpenBSD were made, along with documentation updates, many small bugfixes, and code improvements.

Posted by Roman Festchook 2003-02-19