#78 Ship Tcl Threads Extension stock with AOLserver


The Tcl Threads Extension is compatible with and
inspired by the AOLserver NSV API, but is substantially
more featureful. So, why not just ship it stock with
AOLserver for 4.1?


  • Andrew Piskorski

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  • Dossy Shiobara

    Dossy Shiobara - 2005-02-15

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    Since AOLserver was the original inspiration for the Tcl
    Threads extension (AOLserver's implementation existed
    first), what would AOLserver gain by using it? I'd be
    afraid it would just add confusion, i.e., now instead of one
    way of doing things, there's two.

    Perhaps it'd be useful to come up with a list of things that
    are implemented in the Tcl Threads Extension that are NOT
    available in AOLserver and possibly implement them for

    OR, just write some easy-to-follow HOWTO documentation on
    how to compile and use the Tcl Threads extension for
    AOLserver and publish it on the web/wiki. I'm personally
    not a big fan of more bundling of things into the core, but
    am totally in favor of many things being usable with the core.

    I guess I'd like to suggest we separate the discussion of
    "whether the Thread extension should be merged into the
    core" and "what changes to AOLserver are required to make
    the Threads extension usable?"

  • Zoran Vasiljevic

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    I would not merge anything.
    Tcl extension can be compiled as aolserver module out of
    the box (--with-aolserver) and you can even have nsv_*
    compatibility mode by tweaking a single header file.
    There are no changes needed to the stock aolserver to get
    it loaded and running. Just fix the server startup file.

    BTW... AOLserver was not the original inspiration for the Tcl
    threading extension. Only one part (nsv) is actually borrowed
    (and improved). Other major parts (threadpools, thread
    abstraction and interface) is based on collaborative work of
    David, Brent, Andreas and myself).
    AOLserver was inspiration for some core Tcl thread-related
    things (threaded memory allocator, windows threading part)


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