axiv - 2012-10-16

Hello. The computer - RaspberryPi, an operating system - Raspbmc RC5 with the last updates. Help to launch AnyRemote. Set apt-get install bluetooth, apt-get install bluez, etc. Set apt-get install anyremote. Bluetooth works. Even anyremote works, but only if a XBMC to quit in the terminal, to launch anyremote - f <path> - s bluetooth:19 - a. And that, works somehow crookedly, probably because of that that works in the terminal. Prompt as to launch anyremote so that it worked in GUI Raspbmc? Tried to insert the line su - c "anyremote - f <path> - s bluetooth:19 - an" into the rc.local file - the result isn't present. Tried to use start-stop-daemon - the result isn't present.
Who can faced and set up? Help.
I am sorry for bad English - translated Google. If setup is simple, tell on - in more detail because I am feeble in linux-systems
Thanks in advance