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Hello again,

I hereby submit a diff file with modifications I had to include in any2vob so some trouble was by-passed:

1) arial.ttf not found
2) broken sed command (Error: "Search pattern not terminated at -e line 1")
3) cat overwriting ogg_tmp.dat file, which as a result gets empty and no video/audio/subtitles are detecting when using ogmdemux on ogm files
4) adding the possibility that the audio files written by ogmdemux are mp3 and not ogg
5) minor problem with "SUBFONT" environment variable

I hope this helps.




  • Miguel

    Miguel - 2007-02-01
  • Rick

    Rick - 2007-03-15

    Miscellaneous fixes

  • Rick

    Rick - 2007-03-15

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Many thanks for the report + patch Miguel.

    I have addressed each issue in turn with the following patch:
    1) 'arial.ttf' is the default font, but if it is not found on the system it is now suggested to run with the option '--subfontlist' to output a list of valid TTF fonts found on the system that may then be used with the '--subfont=[fontname.ttf]' option.
    These options have existed for a few versions now, the patch merely guides the user down the right path to finding and choosing a valid TTF font.

    2) Have stripped this section out completely so that subtitles will be displayed in the correct position when played back on the television.
    If '--compress=yes', then subtitles will not be visible at all on playback in either Xine or MPlayer, but will be visible in the correct position once played back on the television.
    This is necessary as the video and subtitle streams are seperate and while the DVD player will scale the lower resolution video stream up to the television resolution, the subtitle streams are not scaled.
    Without doing this, the subtitles would be displayed high (almost middle of the screen) and to the left when played back on a television.

    3) and 4) Have done extensive changes to ogm() routine to handle OGM files containing audio streams in formats other than OGG. It should now handle not only OGG and MP3 audio streams, but also WAV and AC3, and any further formats that ogmdemux may support in the future.

    5) Not sure on this one, your diff seems to replace the double quotes with single quotes. Can you elaborate on what the problem is.

    A couple of questions:
    I'm not overly familiar with the syntax of your patch.
    Although I have seen this type of patch before I'm used to patches created with 'diff' where lines prefixed with '+' signs are additions, '-' signs are deletions and everything else is context.

    I may have this the wrong way around, but the line prefix symbols seem to be the wrong way around.
    Is this correct or have you diffed the original and the change around the wrong way ?
    What command line have you used to create this patch ?

    * The patch I have attached is quite large as it also contains other changes and additions.

    Alternatively, the current patched scripts for 0.36_beta can be found here:

    Could you please test and report back.


    File Added: misc_fixes-any2vob-0.34.diff

  • Miguel

    Miguel - 2007-03-20

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    Hi Rick,

    Sorry to come back so late.
    Many thanks for all your changes and improvements. I will download the patched version and let you know any issues whenever I have a chance to use it.

    Concerning the SUBFONT, I had to add double quotes because with single ones the error showed literally:

    errmsg Error: fontname $SUBFONT not found

    In fact, you're right, I ran diff like this:

    diff newfile oldfile > patch.diff

    whereas I should have done:

    diff oldfile newfile > patch.diff

    so then you would simply:

    patch oldfile patch.diff

    Sorry about that!!




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