I need you to help me test this new ANts p2p mod kerjodando p2p(better cos its private).

Go to

click on the link to (under CLICK A SWARM:):
indie-music - join the independant music crowd

This will take you to the indie music link page - then click on the small link at the bottom to launch the indi-music SWARM/Group:
Launch the indie-music swarm

This will launch a modded ANts p2p client that will connect you to the indie music swarm.

If you have not got java 1.5 installed it will download this first.

Answer questions YES then set-up ANts p2p application.

Then wait for connection should take about 2 minutes.

Then give about 5 mins to index content.

Then you can search in the search tab and download.

Thanks in advance for your help


see http://kerjodando.blogspot.com/