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This plugin is no longer being supported.

Please see for some alternatives for ANTLR 3.

-- Scott

Posted by Scott Stanchfield 2008-04-02

New release 3.0.5 for Eclipse 3.0

Francis Andre donated a port of the plugin to Eclipse 3.0.

Thank you Francis.

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2004-08-31

New release 1.0.5

Only minor bugfixes in 'org.antlr.ui':

- Bugfix [820568] Menu item "File/Print" is disabled in ANTLR editor

- Bugfix [816809] NPE in Conversion action

- Bugfix [845742] Missing dependance on plugin "org.eclipse.jface.text" on Eclipse 3.0

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-12-07

New release 1.0.4

- 'Go to Rule' now supports workbench's navigation

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-06-09

New release 1.0.3

- fixed bug in builder (NPE while checking for "*.g"
- fixed bug in overview parser (NPE while parsing
token section)
- now the outline parser supports doc comments
(grammars and rules only)

- due to conflict with the markers created by the
builder the outline reconciler does not use
annotation markers anymore
- now the outline view supports doc comments
(grammars and rules only)
- added doc comment color to preferences page
for editor's syntax highliting

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-05-31

Hotfix for core plugin v1.0.2

Fixed bug in ANTLR builder: refreshing generated files broken

New version of UpdateSite and Core plugin uploaded.

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-05-25

New release 1.0.2

- builder now supports ANTLR compiler option '-glib'
to be set via a single-line comment in the
grammar file (// -glib <super grammar file>)
Patch provided by Jean-Francois Bobier

- updated editor to multi-page editor (added a
grammar overview page)

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-05-24

New release 1.0.1

- outline grammar now supports iso-8859-15
characters and parser exceptions are
recognized too
- added resource properties for ANTLR compiler's
output path and list of super grammar files
- builder now supports ANTLR compiler
options '-o' and '-glib'

- added property page for grammar files which
allows to specify an alternate output path
(option '-o') and optional super grammars
(option '-glib')
- added property page for generated files which
displays the related grammar file

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-05-04

New release 1.0.0

Requires Eclipse 2.1 now!!!

- updated to ANTLR v2.7.2 (final)
- moved documentation to separate plugin

- releases locks on all opened files
- deletes all generated files on error

- leverage keybinding facility of Eclipse 2.1
- added annotation hover for errors
- added text annotations for rules
- added commenting and uncommenting
- added content assist for rules
- added preferences page for editor's syntax
highlighting... read more

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2003-04-22

New release 0.1.4

New features:
- during startup of core plugin "*.g" is added to
JDT builder's copy exclusion filter
- every file generated by ANTLR is marked with a
persistent property holding the according
ANTLR grammar file
- in resource navigator for every generated file the
according ANTLR grammar file is displayed by a
label decorator

- now ANTLR doc is recognized in Eclipse 2.0 help
system again (added missing 'primary="true"' in
- no action set is used anymore -> now the
editor contributes a new entry to the
navigation menu for "Go to Rule" action

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2002-07-02

New release 0.1.3

New features:
- new editor context menu 'Goto Rule'.
- new action set "ANTLR Navigation" (provides
keyboard shortcut F3 for action 'Goto Rule')
- resource flag "derived" is set for generated files
- added debug support (configurable via ".options"

- project builder is now added/removed correctly
- the missing files (antlr.debug.*) are now available
in 'antlrall.jar'

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2002-06-24

New release 0.1.2

Additional ANTLR error handling (Java code genarator) added and selecting an outline entry reveals the according grammar element in editor now

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2002-06-18

1st release

First release is now available.

Posted by Torsten Juergeleit 2002-06-14