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Javadoc API for ANTLR Testing

The official website for ANTLR Testing now has an on-line version of the Javadocs for the current version of the library.

Posted by Jeremy D. Frens 2008-04-19

ANTLR: Version 0.7 - for ANTLR v3!

ANTLR Testing is a JUnit-extension for unit testing grammars produced by ANTLR.

Version 0.7 of the library has been released. In addition to working with the latest version of ANTLR (version 3), the library now favors chained method calls to make the tests more readable.

Posted by Jeremy D. Frens 2008-03-27

New Website

The main website for ANTLR Testing has been updated with instructions for the latest version of the library and to make the site more appealing.

Posted by Jeremy D. Frens 2008-03-27

Version 0.6

Version 0.6 of ANTLR testing is now available. There have been three main improvements: (1) makeLexer(), makeParser(), and makeTreeBuilder() are now abstract, forcing compiler errors, not null-pointer exceptions. (2) All assert*() methods have message and non-message versions. (3) Better Javadocs.

Posted by Jeremy D. Frens 2006-02-25