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Posted by Dale Anson 2004-02-26

Antelope Tasks Merging with AntContrib

Just so everyone knows, I am in the process of merging the Antelope tasks into the AntContrib project ( What this means is that Ant users will have a single place to go for external Ant tasks. There are some similarities between the Antelope tasks and the AntContrib tasks: both have "if/else", "try/catch/finally", and "switch".

What does this mean for users of Antelope? Right now, nothing. I'm leaving the tasks as is in the Antelope distribution for a while. I will be changing the package names, but if you are using the recommended loading technique, you won't notice any difference. If you are loading individual tasks with "taskdef", the package names will need to be changed. I will provide a small build file that will help convert those pathnames.... read more

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-10-12

Antelope 2.64 released

Antelope 2.64 was released today. This release updated Antelope and the extra tasks to work with Ant 1.6, and the AntelopePlugin to work with jEdit 4.2. This should be considered a beta release as both Ant 1.6 and jEdit 4.2 are in beta status, and it may be required to make further modifications to Antelope to support the final versions of both.

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-10-04

Antelope 2.55 released

A build glitch caused 2.54 to go out missing some files and included some older versions of other files. This release is a rebuild of 2.54 to correct those issues.

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-05-21

Grrr... uploads are broke?

I tried to post Antelope 2.53 today, but am having trouble getting the files actually uploaded to sourceforge. It says the transfer worked, but the file sizes are 0. I'll continue to try, hopefully things will be right later today.


Okay, things seem good now.

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-05-02

New SSH Tasks available

New SSH Tasks are now available. These tasks are the release candidates for Ant 1.6. I am providing them here for early access, mostly because I have received quite a bit of e-mail asking about the status of the tasks and bug fixes for them. Once Ant 1.6 is released, I won't post the tasks here.

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-03-25

Why is CVS out of date?

If you're wondering why the files in cvs for this project are so far out of date, it's because I'm now using the jEdit plugins repository. Antelope is getting a lot of activity as a jEdit plugin, and it is easier for the jEdit group to include Antelope if it is a subproject of jEdit. See the jEdit project pages at

Posted by Dale Anson 2003-02-06

ssh/scp tasks now available

The ssh/scp tasks are now available with the Antelope 1.97 release. These tasks are available as a separate download and are not bundled with the Antelope distribution. Follow the download link, the ssh/scp tasks are listed with the Antelope 1.97 files.

Posted by Dale Anson 2002-12-17

ssh/scp tasks

I've had a lot of interest in the ssh/scp tasks. They are not currently posted on this site. They are still in development and work well on some machines, not at all on others. I had planned to post them last weekend (Dec 14), but didn't have time. Look for them this week, and beware, they may not work at all on your machine.

Posted by Dale Anson 2002-12-16

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