#71 Borland compilation broken

cpptasks (103)
Curt Arnold

Borland compilation has been broken for quite a while.
I've been able to make some changes that allow cppunit
to be build using Borland C++ 5.6.4 (the build with
C++BuilderX) which I expect will work with some earlier

There were a couple of issues:

BorlandLinker.prepareArguments had an obsolete
signature which resulted in
CommandLinkLinker.prepareArguments being called. This
issue was reported in

TLIB doesn't like being called with bogus arguments to
get version information. Since librarian version isn't
terribly significant, I've hard-coded
BorlandLibrary.getIdentifier() to return the string that
would be returned by the tlib included with C++BuilderX

bcc32 didn't like "bcc32 -?" to get version info, changed
to "bcc32 --version"

Looks like BorlandLibrarian was never more than a stub.

With these changes, cppunit can be built using bcc,
however the divide-by-zero behavior will cause a crash
of several of the sample applications that expected
divide-by-zero to result in an exception.


  • Curt Arnold

    Curt Arnold - 2004-04-20

    BCC patches

  • Curt Arnold

    Curt Arnold - 2004-04-21
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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