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      llista - 2006-02-22

      Thank you for this project even in the "free World" everyday laws are passed that approach us more and more to the 1984 George Orwell scenario.

      I got your CD live from some linux internet shop as I do not have broadband, my first thought was that no admin would be stupid enough as to let users to boot from the CD drive, I was wrong, I have now found a few places where that is possible and even computers with the BIOS open for everyone to change.

      I have so far tried out Anonym.OS in two computers in some "closed network", the computers on that network are all quite old with low RAM and probably pentium II processors, I used the automatic configuration as I do not know the ip the computer use.

      1- The first computer where I used Anonym.OS did not let me use the Window mode and gave me this error message: "Fatal Server error: Addscreen/ScreenInitfailed for driver 0" "consult http://wiki.x.org"
      I did use the command prompt instead and launched lynx so I was still able to surf the net even if only in text mode, then I did type "startx" and again a message error followed: "Fatal server error Cannot establish any listening sockets -make sure any X server isnt already running"

      2- The second experience was much better, I used the same network as before but a different computer and I was able to use Window mode :), where I feel more comfortable,mozilla worked great,I use links too it took me to http://kaos.theory.to where I realise that your website is not frienly to text only browsers, I did not see anywhere to launch lynx in the options window I only know it is installed because I used it from the command prompt, some people may not find out.

      I used irssi and was kicked out of undernet (G-lined) for using a proxy I believe, I had no problems to connect to other less know irc servers, perhaps some kind of warning about what irc servers will ban you if you are on a proxy would be useful so new users do not have to try which ones work and which doesnt, it saves time if you know before hand.

      In overall I am quite happy with the experience I am also surprised of the tor network speed as I had heard some complaints about it, but worked fine for me, I did try to surf the net with IE to check if the settings had been modified in the network and it worked fine, no changes noticed.

      I wasnt too concerned about the websites I visit logging my ip, I was more concerned aboud the admin network keeping logs of all my activities for 5 years, using Anonym.OS allowed me to use the net without user or pass needed, it also allowed me to bypass Websense content filter.

      I found only one problem that in my opinnion should be improve, the red wallpaper with a hooded man using a laptop and the words "ANONYM.OS" is cool at home, but if you are in a network with other users next to you chances are you will not be too anonymous, I noticed some other users looking around too much and the CD drive kept spinning making lots of noise all the time which did not help to being discreet neither.

      A nice Windows looking wallpaper by default in next versions would be useful to use in a real environment (i.e.Internet cafe)


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