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AmpJuke 0.8.8: API updates

AmpJuke 0.8.8 is available for download.

The two most important changes are related to two of the API’s AmpJuke uses (heavily): decided sometime in the past to modify the way images from performers/artists are retrived using their API.

The Echonest introduced four new parameters in their “fingerprinting” of music tracks. I somehow missed that announcement - or The Echonest simply didn’t inform (enough) about it…... read more

Posted by Michael 2014-08-15 Labels: news release

AmpJuke 0.8.6: Want an online jukebox ?

This release contains some exciting new functionality as well as the usual bunch of small improvements here&there.

A brief introduction to the most important things in AmpJuke 0.8.6:

-- AmpJuke as an online jukebox.
Up until this release, AmpJuke acted (more or less) as a personal streaming service, making it possible for each individual user to listen to whatever he/she prefers to listen to - individually.... read more

Posted by Michael 2012-08-07

AmpJuke 0.8.4: Self registration (finally)

This release of AmpJuke mainly covers some of the suggestions for improvements and/or new functionality found in the forum.

- New feature: Self registration (finally).
Yes - It's been on the to-do list for quite a while...

- New feature: IE9 jumplists.
Frankly, I'm quite impressed with the Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9 beta combination.
So I punched in a few lines of code that takes advantage of pinning a site - in this case AmpJuke, naturally - to the taskbar in Win 7.... read more

Posted by Michael 2010-12-20

AmpJuke 0.8.3: Maintenance release

For starters, the project turned the 5-year mark a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday, AmpJuke!

The changelog says that there have been corrected 4 errors, implemented 3 new types of functionality, introduced 2 new themes as well as added 2 new sets of icons.

More here:

Posted by Michael 2010-08-13

AmpJuke 0.8.2: Favorites reloaded

Here's a short description of new stuff in AmpJuke version 0.8.2:

Favorite list suggestion:
When adding something to a favorite list, a setting can suggest appropriate favorite list names to add the item (track, performer and/or album) to.
The suggestions are pulled from the API.

Automatically add to favoritelist:
Besides suggestions as mentioned above, you can enable a personal setting, tune in to your AmpJuke box, and watch the contents of your personal favorite online playlists grow. Automatically!... read more

Posted by Michael 2010-03-13

AmpJuke 0.7.9 released

AmpJuke...and YOUR hits keep on coming!
A new release (0.7.9) is available for the AmpJuke streaming server.
This release is about:
- Upload performer picture.
- Edit album/performer biographies.
- Browse by cover/picture. more.
Please visit: for more details.

Posted by Michael 2009-07-06

AmpJuke-0.7.8: Improvements...

- Advanced search introduced.
Besides using the simple search, it's also possible to do a more advanced search based on several parameters.

- Reflection on album image.
When displaying an album, a reflection of the album's image can be shown. This is a site-wide setting that must be enabled before reflections are shown.

- More information about related performers.

Plus more. Please see

Posted by Michael 2009-05-19

AmpJuke 0.7.7: Second maintenance release + 1 new fature

One new feature as well as come improvements in the release of AmpJuke, as follows:

- New feature: Retrieve, store and display biographies for performers and albums.

- Hungarian language updated.

- Improvement: If enabled, lyrics can now be obtained from a configurable source.

- Improvement: Larger images (related performers).

- Improvement: Expand/collapse sections for individual performers.

- Improvement: Banning of IP-addresses.... read more

Posted by Michael 2009-01-31

AmpJuke-0.7.6: Maintenance release, plus security issue fixe

- Error correction: Personal settings wasn't saved.
Unfortunately, a "leftover" from an earlier release.

- Fixed a security issue in relation to displaying a specific performer.

- Romanian language introduced.

- Improved installation procedure.

- Some "under the hood" modifications.

For more information, please visit:

Posted by Michael 2008-11-26

AmpJuke 0.7.5: Improved scan+import routine

- The Scan+import routine has been re-programmed.
The new scan+import offers a lot of parameters in order to let you tweak how to scan+import, handle missing tags, re-process files already in the database and much more.

- Fixed a couple of security issues in relation to login.
Password is now hashed in the cookie, 3+ failed login attempts will ban the users IP-adress, and a small delay is introduced after a login fails. ... read more

Posted by Michael 2008-09-17

AmpJuke 0.7.4: Some suggestions implemented

- Passwords are now md5-hashed and stored as such in the usertable.

- The headline on each of the "boxes" on the 'welcome' page is now a link
to the corresponding section/view.

- Username and -password in the section in the personal settings
accepts more characters.

For more info., please visit:

Posted by Michael 2008-07-17

AmpJuke 0.7.3: Support for m4a (...sort of)

- Support for M4a, MP4.
...sort of.
A new setting called 'special extensions' is introduced to handle this.
Please see this FAQ-entry for details:

- New (cool) functionality: When moving the mouse over something that has an image available, f.ex. an album name, AmpJuke will display that image.
This is done using a simple, pure CSS popup image viewer.
This is - of course - a personal setting, so it can be turned on/off according to each user's personal preference/taste.... read more

Posted by Michael 2008-05-28

AmpJuke 0.7.2: Submit music to

- Submit music to (aka. "Scrobbling").
AmpJuke can be configured to submit music to that each user listen to. After streaming it will show up on the recently-played list and update's listening statistics.

- Show what's up next.
When displaying what's being played currently, AmpJuke also displays the name of the _next_ track to be streamed (or just "Random play" of you're at the end of the playlist).... read more

Posted by Michael 2008-04-05

AmpJuke 0.7.1: Stream related performers, "cutoff" date...

- "Cutoff" date introduced.
A new option is available when setting up scan+import of (new) music: "Cutoff" date.

- New functionality: Stream music based on related performers.

- XSS-vulnerability fixed.

For more details, please visit the project's homepage:

Posted by Michael 2008-02-14

AmpJuke 0.7.0: Transcode streamed music and icons

- Realtime (on the fly) transcoding (downsampling) introduced.

- Icons.
A new personal setting means you can combine themes with icons.

- Hungarian language updated.

- Estonian language updated.

- Refreshing related performers from happens automatically.

A few more updates exists - for details please visit

Posted by Michael 2008-01-16

AmpJuke-0.6.7: Prefix table names

This release is about the following:

- New feature: Prefix table names.
During installation it's possible to specify a prefix for all table names.
This is especially useful if you use a server that only allows each account access to one MySQL database (some ISP's do that for some reason).

- New feature: Refresh related performers.
Added an option (for users with administrator access) to refresh/update related performer(s) from, when displaying a given performer/group.... read more

Posted by Michael 2007-12-14

AmpJuke 0.6.6: Blood, sweat and tears...

- Cleaned up + improved the entire streaming process.

- Improved the code that retrieves album covers using the Amazon web service.

- Hungarian language updated.

- Corrected an error in relation to replacing an

- New personal setting: Avoid duplicate entries.

For more information, please visit the AmpJuke homepage:

Posted by Michael 2007-11-06

AmpJuke 0.6.5: Two bugfixes and improved functionality

- Corrected an annoying (but important) detail:

- Corrected an error that appeared during upgrade.

- Spanish translation updated.

- Covers for albums are now stored using "album_id.jpg".

- "Help" links points to the AmpJuke FAQ.

For a complete list, please visit the AmpJuke homepage:

Posted by Michael 2007-10-19

AmpJuke 0.6.3: Three improvements, one new feature

- Change the contents on the 'welcome' page.
The contents are now considered to be a personal setting that each user can set to his/her own taste and preference.

- Remember login+password.
Just like f.ex. Google and Yahoo!, you can check a "remember me..." on the login-page.

- Scan+import: Deletion of "dead" records in the database will from now on happen BEFORE new music is discovered and added to the database.... read more

Posted by Michael 2007-08-31

AmpJuke-0.6.1: Improved installation

This version covers:

- Display related performers.

- Getting/displaying covers is now done using Amazon's upgraded/new webservice (they refer to it as "ECS4").

- Upload feature introduced.

- New themes.

- Improved installation-routine.

For a complete list (and latest version), please visit the project's homepage:

Posted by Michael 2007-07-26

AmpJuke 0.6.0: Improved scan and download functionality

This release of AmpJuke covers the following:

- A beefed-up scan-routine. Scan+import music is easier now.
New music is discovered automatically.

- Added an option to 'clean-up' in the database during scan+import.
If selected, the "dead" records (a record that points to a file on the
filesystem that's no longer there is "dead") will be deleted from the database.

- Improved download functionality.
When downloading more than one track (f.ex. an album), all tracks are
compressed into one file, which is sent for download afterwards.
I know compression doesn't make much sense in relation to stuff that's
already compressed (which is the case with the mp3 music format), but
hey: at least you're no longer prompted several times when downloading
more than one track...... read more

Posted by Michael 2007-06-06

AmpJuke 0.5.5: Contributions.

This version of AmpJuke contains new functionality, as well as some contributions.

- New personal setting: you can pick the name of the favoritelist each time, before actually appending something (tracks, albums, performers, years). For more information, please see the FAQ-entry that explains this in more detail.

- Hungarian language updated.
(As always) Thanks to Rezso ( for doing this.... read more

Posted by Michael 2007-04-07

AmpJuke 0.5.3: Improved Random Play

This version addresses new and improved functionality in the random selection of songs.
For more information, please check out the FAQ (

Besides the improved functionality, a small error in relation to updating 'last played' has been corrected.

Always remember to check for newest version of AmpJuke at:

Posted by Michael 2007-02-20

AmpJuke-0.5.1: 'Maintenance' release

This version of AmpJuke addresses the following:
- Error correction: When using AmpJuke in 'jukebox mode' against a specific favorite list, the list wasn't used.
- Modification: The stream method has changed slightly.
- New feature: Get external, extended information about a given performer/group.
- Update: Portuguese language 100% up-to-date.

Please remember to check in on for latest/newest release.

Posted by Michael 2007-01-23


Just released AmpJuke version 0.5.0.

Happy New Year to everyone using/downloading Ampjuke !

Please check in on for most frequent update.


Posted by Michael 2006-12-30

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