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OpenAL++ has moved into osgAL

OpenAL++ is now assimilated into the SF project osgAL (
For the latest version of OpenAL++, go to osgAL website.

Posted by Anders Backman 2007-06-14

New version

A new version of OpenAL++ is available.
Using reference pointers to minimize memory hazzle.

Posted by Anders Backman 2004-11-11

New version

OpenAL++ used to depend on CommonC++, this was a problem because CommonC++ is GPL and OpenAL++ is LGPL. So now the CommonC++ library is replaced partially by OpenThreads (LGPL). This also means that streaming support over the net is no longer in OpenAL++.

Also to be more C++ compliant, all method names have changed from having a Capital letter to a small... so SetPosition() is now setPosition()

Posted by Anders Backman 2004-03-02

New Version of OpenAL++

A new version is release of OpenAL++.
Many bugfixes, support for streaming OGG files.
Builds under .NET2003 as well as Linux (of course).
Renamed the libraries under windows to oalpp.dll/.lib due to clash with OpenAL dynamic plugin loader.

Posted by Anders Backman 2003-12-12

Home page up

A new home page for OpenAL++ has been created and uploaded (on SourceForge).

Posted by Tomas Hamala 2003-01-17