#1 Shipping is FUBAR


I noticed that the import_shipping_tables.pl doesn't
not parse the files properly. For example line 630
doesn't work with !~/pounds/. Maybe it should be
!~/Weight/??? Also even after I changed it to Weight,
the script wrote the insert statements in the wrong


  • Chris Yeo
    Chris Yeo

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    Yeah, importing shipping is bad, but you know it can be
    dealt with.

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    There is a comment at the bottom here that says this problem
    can be dealt with. How?? I just installed this on a sever
    for a guy and he setup his whole store and found out we
    can't get past step 3 of checkout because of this shipping
    thing. If someone can tell me why this is happening and
    direct me to the right place I'm sure I can teach myself how
    to fix it. I am getting the impression that the problem is
    that the data is not being imported into the SQL database
    correctly - something related to the weights. I looked at
    the data in the table and it seems OK. I can enter the data
    myself by hand if I absolutely have to. If the dbid file is
    correct I can execute the SQL commands into the table
    myself. If anyone has any suggestions please email me at
    donb@donsworld.org -- this seems like a great program - I
    hope I can worka round this. Thank you.