monitor change in inventory / nagios link ?

  • NeoM

    NeoM - 2005-02-19

    i discovered alist recently and i have the following questions
    - database is a flat file or a real database (mysql, postgres, ...) ?
    - is there a way to turn it (daemon & client) as daemon, so it can monitor any change in the listed text ?
    (a good option will also be the possibility to ask a diff between two different releases; this aspect could push to a "database" as svn or cvs)
    - a link to monitoring tool like nagios ? (so a change create an alert)

    thanks a lot

    • Adrian

      Adrian - 2006-11-12

      By looking at the DATA directory, it can be seen that the database is a flat file with data columns separated by a colon.  Fields are 'Category','Field Name','Field Value','Lock Status'.

      Not sure what 'Lock Status' field signifies.


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