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No Container At All

As we pointed out, if we dont use the CMP, the security model, transactional model, or whatever from a Container, why did we use this Heavy-weight tool?

So we decided to integrate HTTP Socket in the alege project, offering good performances as a stand-alone HTTP (Web, Wap & iMode) server.

We will probably support the Tomcat connector to Apache, as a way to integrates Java Sites in production servers.

Posted by iapx 2005-09-09

Ready to go?

A new Java lightweight framework will born, we need your ideas and advice for development perimeter:
functions, constraints, and so on.

As you could think, we didnt compete with Struts, Hibernate, Spring, and all the worderful full-fletged frameworks.

We will design a single-developer tool for creating web sites on HTML+CSS, WML (WAP), cHTML (iMode), on a low-cost desktop and server!

Our goals are 1-4 developers per site, 1 file and 5mn for Hello World page, Internationalisation, Web+Wap+iMode, 128MB Server, self-contained jar or war.... read more

Posted by iapx 2005-07-27