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Alef++, Beta

Now, first Alef++ beta is here, after fixing many bugs.

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-11-08

Alef++ new release 0.0.3

* Alef++, Officially was graduated from the incubator in Tool*

Now Alef++ can support :
- multi-threading.
- creating of proxies (method proxy for create a proxy for Java Interfaces)
- custom/personal subroutines in proxy (see example
- can add a plug-ins (custom methods) to Alef++ not a libraries (see ktab plug-ins).
- fix more bugs and errors.
- and finally Vim syntax for Alef++.

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-10-11

Alef++ Interpreter v0.0.2

Now, Alef++Interpreter v.0.0.2 is here, by fixing bugs, adding more features and supporting them.

- overloading subroutines
- adding arrays/hashes support
- for and for-each loops
- loops controlling with labels
- and more ...

current size Alef++ Interpreter < 170Kbyte, and support.

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-09-22

first version of Alef++ programming language

This is first version of Alef++ programming language, and some examples for demonstrating her syntax, and keywords.

Supported features in this version but * not * all :
All mathematical operations (+, - , * , / , and more … )
-Conditionals ( ||, && , > , < … )
-Bitwise operators
-Shifts operators
-Variables declarations
-Variables assignment
-Static Methods accessing
-Constructors accessing
-Types Casting (to Object ToModule)
-“If” Statement
-“While” Statement
-“Do … While” Statement
-Java packages importation
-Extern Java packages importation
-Hacking for Accessing to any Private/Protected/Default Field or Subroutine

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-28

Alef++ 2 Java 1.1

0)fixed bug 'use'
1)fixed bug dies statement is 'init'

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-12

Alef++ JTP file 1.1

- fixed bug dies statement is 'init'

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-12

Alef++ 2 Java

fixed bug in Alef++ dumper 2 Java

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-08


Alef++ Dumper to Java is now in download page version 1.0
(file name ::

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-08

Alef++ Grammar

Now, the grammar of Alef++ is avariable in download page, for more info and examples please check SVN.

Posted by Adrabi Abderrahim 2009-07-07

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