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Work on album.php begins!

album.php, a port of to PHP, has begun! We have a rough start in CVS, but are a long way away from a release.

See the album.php project page here:

Posted by Mike Bobbitt 2004-10-13 back on track

Thanks to everyone's impressive support, the regular site and support forums are back online at and

Most news and updates will be posted there, though I will try to update the sourceforge page periodically.

Thanks for keeping alive!


Posted by Mike Bobbitt 2003-09-18

Saving from oblivion

I was hit yesterday by a $237 monthly bill from my ISP, due to high traffic. So far this month, I'm headed for another bill of roughly the same size, so I've had to take some measures to reduce traffic.

Most notably, I've moved's home to SourceForge, at least for now.

I recognize that SourceForge is not nearly as feature rich as the YaBB SE forums I had before, but it's really come down to a "sink or swim" decision. That is, I either had to move here, or shut it down completely. I simply can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month to support, and as generous as donations have been, they wouldn't cover off the cost either.... read more

Posted by Mike Bobbitt 2003-07-10 Joins SourceForge

In an effort to make "more" open source, it has been registered with SourceForge. Hopefully we can round up some contributors and get things cruising along.

Posted by Mike Bobbitt 2002-12-13

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