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v1.06 ISO now included

v1.06 release just got updated to include the bootable ISO, nothing else was changed

Posted by M. Kiewitz 2009-06-09

v1.06 English was defective

Sorry, but I put the debug bootcode into the v1.06 EN package. This one wont boot, but a fdisk/mbr will remove it. I just replaced the archive and everything should work now.

Posted by M. Kiewitz 2009-05-27

v1.06 released

v1.06 just got released

- 10th anniversary edition

- AiR-BOOT is now released under GPLv3, sourcecode on

- Direct installer now also available for DOS/Win9X and WinNT environment

- MakeDisk utility rewritten

- Native OS/2 installer rewritten

- Fixed bug in setup for driveletter

Sorry, the ISO didnt make it. Anyway just make an image of the installation floppy and use that.

Posted by M. Kiewitz 2009-05-24

v1.06 nearly done

This lasted almost one year, had too much stress on my job.
Anyway, Windows, OS/2 and DOS installer are done. v1.06 bootcode is done. I have just uploaded bootcode sourcecode to SVN. Floppy and ISO installer are missing, when those are done, I will release v1.06 officially.

Posted by M. Kiewitz 2009-05-22