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Mailing list available.

A mailing list has been made available to provide limited legacy support for installations.

Feel free to subscribe.

Posted by Alex Moundalexis 2004-05-15


With the release of AOL Instant Messenger 5.0, I have found that the script no longer works (and when it does, it is sporadic at best). Also, the results are mixed with open source clients. In both cases, I no longer possess the desire to continue work on this project. The forum will remain open for questions, and this project with remain on SourceForge for archival purposes.

Serious individuals interested in continuing where this little project left off should contact me, but no guarantees.

Posted by Alex Moundalexis 2003-10-17


I've been on hiatus for quite some time, working on other projects, trying to get through school, developing a solution to world peace. I'm sure you understand why I haven't been checking SourceForge too often.

I've been offering script support through a local forum, in order to better serve all of my scripts.

Posted by Alex Moundalexis 2003-01-06

Version 1.02 Released

Version 1.02 fixes a few little things, primarily that screennames with spaces are now properly reported.

Posted by Alex Moundalexis 2002-01-28