Aikernel / News: Recent posts

Finally posted the website. Its a little crude and missing lots of functionality, but I think its got the beginnings of something cool.

Posted by Michael Rice 2002-03-04

Code sees light of day

Added the first set of code, the first time it has seen the light of day! 311 classes and appx 1 megabyte worth of work.

Posted by Michael Rice 2002-02-26

AI Kernel Open Sourced!

The AI Kernel is a re-usable artificial intelligence engine that uses natural language processing and an Activator / Context model to allow multi tasking between installed cells.

As a company, Natural Machine has been looking for a good way to open source the core functionality of the artificial intelligence engine, while still protecting the intellectual property rights of cell publishers. We think we've found the path. I'm happy to be here on Sourceforge and look forward to sharing all our releases with you. Please stay tuned as we load up the 1.0 beta of AIK and setup all the forums and what-not on Sourceforge. Thanks for your interest in the AI Kernel! If you have any questions or would already like to participate, please feel free to e-mail me here.

Posted by Michael Rice 2002-02-14