#3 Dictionary learning


***Specific goal: a highly tactical move that will
move the AI Kernel closer to "real" AI, which is, of
course, the goal of the software.

In the beginning, it was intended that the first
releases of the AI Kernel would have some rudimentary
learning capabilities that fell by the wayside as I
started to focus more on the base NLP routines and
context/activator model. This is a pretty core set of
stuff that I'm talking about here so I recommend you
look through the docs about the core services.

The bottom line for this step is that I want the user
to be able to have a conversation something like this
with the machine:

user> I want to order a greasy pie
computer> i don't know what that means [or some other
error message]
user> sorry a greasy pie is a pizza
computer> ok, would you like to order a pizza from
pizza pie proprietors?

from then on, it would know that "greasy pie" is the
same as pizza in the CONTEXT of ordering a pizza.


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