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PPA and coming new release

Lot of progress have been done in the project in the past year. It was not only renamed but a brand new release comes in the near future. I also try to push the software to the Ubuntu repositories and as a first milestone, some packages are already available in my Ubuntu PPA. More info:

Posted by kecsap 2010-03-20

cognitivevision 0.9 is out

After a long time, I made a new release. I have rewritten a lots codes, bug fixes, added unit tests etc.... I put a Windows binary to the download page too. The structure is more consolidated, but a lot progress will be there around migrating to URBI Remote SDK 1.5 and changing GTK to Qt.

Posted by kecsap 2009-01-29

First Windows build

I'm happy to announce that I've just built the project under Windows. A few months need still to public a new release, but I will be in a hurry... :)

Posted by kecsap 2008-05-10

0.4.2 is out

I have released the 0.4.2, which has much more better code, but it provides the same funcionalities like 0.4.1.

Posted by kecsap 2007-08-24

0.4.1 is out

The version 0.4.1 of myLibrary/CamView/FindShapes is out!

Major changes are:

- view gradient function in CamView
- rewritten histogram functions
- debian package/automake support for myLibrary
- proper automake support for CamView/FindShapes
- updated user manuals
- bug fixes...


Posted by kecsap 2007-02-26

New packages/installation notes

Installation notes are added to the website as well as some Ubuntu/Dapper packages are compiled and uploaded to the project page.

Have a nice day!

Posted by kecsap 2006-12-07

Release 0.4 is out!

The new release of the myLibrary and the applications after a time!

Posted by kecsap 2006-10-21

In the near of the Release 0.4

I'm near to release the version 0.4. There are a lot of new features (AIBO support, histogram operations etc.), a new application and re-written myLibrary.

Posted by kecsap 2006-08-30