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Advanced File Replication Service / News: Recent posts

AFRS-Watcher v 0.3.1 Released

The latest version of AFRS-Watcher can now be downloaded. This release includes many misc. code/bug fixes and also supports the use of "shortcut" variables to be used that can be useful when running programs against file-change events.

AFRS-Watcher is also at the heart of the AFRS suite of applications (mainly the AFRS Daemon), as it is responsible for reporting file changes to the daemon. All future efforts will now be devoted to the AFRS Daemon that will actually be able to synchronize files between AFRS servers in real-time.

Posted by Mike Lee 2008-11-15

AFRS Watcher: version 0.1

AFRS utilizes the Linux inotify kernel tool to monitor your filesystem for file changes, records or displays those changes and if desired, replicates those changes in near real time to other systems running AFRS using rsync. AFRS can also be used as a li

I have finally reached a point where I feel comfortable releasing the afrs-watcher utility of the AFRS package.

The afrs-watcher program is basically my ported version of iwatch. I had some problems using iwatch in the past and decided to create my own version that offers all of the basic functionality of iwatch and then some.... read more

Posted by Mike Lee 2008-09-29