#3 Could not mount volume


mount_afp gives me error: "Volume Data does not support fixed directories".
Tryed to google, but no success. What is this and what can I do for it? Trying to mount Apple Time Capsult to Debian linux.

Here is copy/paste from cli:
/# mount_afp afp://user:pass@domain.name/Data/ /mnt/somename
Mounting domain.name from Data on /mnt/somename
Volume Data does not support fixed directories
Could not mount volume Data


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    Anonymous - 2011-11-07
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  • Xavier Robin

    Xavier Robin - 2013-01-21

    I received the same error message. I could solve the issue the in following way:
    1) Killed the afpfsd daemon (ps -ef|grep afpfsd and then kill pid)
    2) Moved to /mnt before calling mount_aft, so there are no slash in the mount point path:
    mv /mnt
    sudo mount_afp afp://user:pass@domain.name/Data/ somename

    I had to kill the daemon because I received another error message: Incorrect permissions on mountpoint TimeCapsule: No such file or directory. Why I got this message is unclear to me, as just killing the daemon and repeating the command worked.

    Hope this helps,


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