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26 Scrolling is not working in listbox None open 2008-08-30 2008-08-30  
25 Compilation bug fix None open 2007-11-07 2007-11-07  
24 The site is based on Roger Phillips seminal work 'Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe' and the similar book published on the mushrooms and Fungi of North America. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-20 2007-01-20  
23 During the last decades many, many vintage cars have been 'improved' with better (read: more modern) carburettors. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-20 2007-01-20  
22 I may add a few things, change a cooking method here or there. Right now, even though it’s still three weeks away, get your recipes together for Christmas, and send them off to me. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-20 2007-01-20  
21 Web Game Builder is your best resource on the Internet for learning how to create your own online games. Whether you are here to participate in our forums, read a tutorial or you want to join our community game development project, webgamesbuilder.com has something to offer. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-20 2007-01-20  
20 I always know it’s nearly Christmas time because I go to the Good Food Show in Birmingham. This year I did 12 live shows in front of about 20,000 people which were really good fun, and it was great to see a record amount of men in the audience getting involved! v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-19 2007-01-19  
19 We are pleased to announce the first of Cutter Hays' Mouse Knight stories, which has graced our pages for several years, has been printed on real paper! You can order a copy online from here! v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-19 2007-01-19  
18 Pamper your pooch and enhance your decor with Art Itself's beautiful hand painted designer dog dishes. We offer a variety of designs, colors and sizes to meet your needs. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-19 2007-01-19  
17 Chinese food, is a unique, tasty and very common cuisine which usually consists of two main ingredients. The first being a carbohydrate source such as rice or noodles. The second component that is used in chinese food can be vegetables, fish or meat. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-19 2007-01-19  
16 The (IHR) provides resources for historians. These resources include online articles, free event advertising, MA/PhD study, training courses, an open-access library and more. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-19 2007-01-19  
15 History of the United States of America. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-17 2007-01-17  
14 Enjoy wines from top-rated wine producers around the world from Australia to Germany to South Africa. A great way to sample a variety of wines from major wine regions. A GREAT GIFT for wine lovers. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-17 2007-01-17  
13 History Happens is a collection of music videos about characters from American history. Our goal is to inform and inspire young people that an individual can make a difference-as evidenced by the many acts of courage, endurance and passion that make up the American story. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-16 2007-01-16  
12 The History of Parliament is a major academic project to create a scholarly reference work describing the members, constituencies and activities of the Parliament of England and the United Kingdom. v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-16 2007-01-16  
11 Bestrecipesforyou.com just got a new and improved look and we hope that you will like what we’ve done. Our web site was first launched almost ten years ago.... v1.0_(example) open 2007-01-16 2007-01-16  
10 aedTextBox should clear selection when it loses focus None open 2007-01-13 2007-01-13  
9 aedTextBox should only accept printable characters None open 2007-01-13 2007-01-13  
8 aedStaticText's getPosAtPixel is incorrect None open 2007-01-13 2007-01-13  
7 aedSpinner has all its members private None open 2004-05-06 2004-05-06  
6 freetype problems None open 2004-05-02 2004-05-02  
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