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ADSVote Alpha 2 released

For the first time in more than a year, a new release of ADSVote comes out. A long list of convoluted code-level improvements have been introduced, but the new user-visible features are:

- Renderer properties are now editable
- New, more aesthetically pleasing distribution method for HemicycleSeats
- Data importing from CSV files works now: headers are properly ignored, heuristic file type recognition has been implemented, and the reader properties (encoding and separators) are editable. However, there is currently no way to tell the reader that its guesses about fields identity are wrong
- Several bug fixes
- General code cleanup, with some breaking changes in the lib and better code documentation

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2009-09-03

ADSVote alpha 1 released!

The first ever ADSVote alpha has been released today. The main new feature after an impasse of some months (I had exams) is the data import/export feature, currently supporting CSV (comma-separated values).

The categorization of "alpha" means that ADSVote is feature-complete enough to merit a more "official" treatment on my part. However, this does not mean that the program is feature-complete at all: in particular, the CSV import support is particularly scarce and limited to headerless tables formatted like "Party,Votes,Seats<newline>".... read more

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-07-23

ADSVote development resumes

Work on the ADSVote project is resumed as the dev team (i.e. myself) exams are over. Current development is focused on the CSV import feature, so a new release (hopefully the last devrel before formal alpha) will be made when it's at least partially working.

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-06-25

ADSVote dev. snapshot 5 released

After a busy week, filled with exams, I can finally get the time to put this new iteration of ADSVote together.

There are a few changes, quite a lot considering how busy I :should: have been, including a new feature (party auto-addition) and a bugfix (rendered graphs padding). Also, our international family widens with an update to the Spanish translation and the start of a Serbian localization by Nikola.... read more

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-04-08

No ADSVote release this week

Due to the exam streak I'm currently going through, there will be no ADSVote "development snapshot" this week, as the changes in code have been to small to justify one. In fact, the only new thing this week was the fixing of a bug that stripped saved graphs of their paddings.

Theoretically, I'm once again free after next Monday, so normal ADSVote development should resume by then. Please, take this time to test the program as it stands to its extremes and file any bug you find, so that I can begin extermination when I come back.

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-04-05

ADSVote dev. snapshot 4 released

Fourth development release of ADSVote, which incorporates some small bug fixes and a filling of the "Settings" tab, allowing to select the graph renderer and the party ordering policy, which were previously fixed at their defaults.

With this release, ADSVote approaches completion of the "basic" feature set I want to get working before officially starting to label releases as "alpha". At that point, work will start on new (secondary) features such as a swing calculator.

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-03-28

ADSVote dev. snapshot 3 released

Releases are currently coming out on a weekly basis, but that's not fixed in stone. This version brings new functionality (see the change log), most importantly the ability to remove constituencies, which I had previously forgotten - d'oh!.

As always, you can get the source code through the CVS server. When the code is stable enough (maybe in the alpha or beta releases), or if I see enough demand (CVS activity) I'll also create source tarballs.

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-03-21

ADSVote dev. snapshot 2 released

The second "in-development" release of ADSVote is out. Apart from some bug fixes, the main change is the addition of a "render graph" dialog allowing to choose the size and name of the saved image. Save-image-to-file is currently only available for the "totals" display.

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-03-17

First ADSVote development release

The first "development snapshot" version of ADSVote, an election result analyzer/plotter has been released. Major functionality is still missing, such many customization options (settings are stuck to defaults), but a complete work cycle (create data, save it, restore it, plot it) is already possible.
Since I'm on exams now, any help is welcome! ^^

Posted by Habbit S. Hardin 2008-03-14