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how to change default pathways

  • Brian Gurney

    Brian Gurney - 2011-07-11

    Hi, we're trying to use Adminer through an iFrame. We have the frames plugin and it's working except for one problem. The links are relative, not absolute, so the links are taking on the pathways of our apache server and the links don't work (File Not Found error). Unfortunately, I don't know php well enough to know how to change this. Is there a way to change the links to absolute (http://server/admin.php instead of just /admin.php) and where/how do I do it?


  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-07-12

    I don't understand "the links are taking on the pathways". Please give me an example:

    URL where Adminer is running:
    URL where links from Adminer are pointing (the URL of File Not Found error):

  • Brian Gurney

    Brian Gurney - 2011-07-15

    Hi, sorry for the delay.Turns out the plugin is not working at all now so I couldn't recreate the problem to give you an example. Can you please point us to detailed directions on how to set this up, or provide them here? Specifically, where are we supposed to point the iFrame to get the login screen? (<iframe src ="http:   )

    We are able to get to directly in a browser, but not through the iFrame. How do we use the plugin to make the iFrame work?



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