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Adaproject 0.1.10 release

Adaproject is a tool (sort of like Auto project) to set up sample projects for GNU make/configure.

Both adaproject, and the projects it produce, pass 'make distcheck'. automake and autoconf with --warnings=all show no problems, and they pass automake with the --gnits option.

Changes this release:

Several portability bugs fixed.
Several regular bugs fixed.

./configure now builds the confvars package at configure time, so that it will reflect any variables that the user may have added to configure file.

Posted by John Halleck 2004-06-07

Adaproject 0.1.9 released

autoconf variables, and make time automake variables are now availaible to the generated Ada programs in two Ada packages.

Both adaproject, and the projects it generates pass --gnits standards, and sucessfully "make distcheck"

Posted by John Halleck 2004-05-27


Adaproject sets up a skeleton GNU style package for programs written in Ada. [This is non-trivial because tools like automake have essentially no support for Ada, allthough gcc can be built to compile it.)

Release 0.1.7 has a number of fixes and improvements both in the scripts that build the project, and in the skeleton program the projects start with.

The initial project installed has very basic support for options, and will now pass a "make distcheck".

Posted by John Halleck 2004-05-12

Adaproject 0.1.5 released

Adaproject 0.1.5 has now been released.

Adaproject is (for the Ada Programming language) a skimpy autoproject like product.
It sets up the raw frame needed to start a project. The project generated has basic files such as and

It does require that you have a reasonably new autoconf and automake.

Posted by John Halleck 2002-09-09

New Admin plus release 0.1.4

We are pleased to announce a second administrator being added to this project, and a new release.

adaproject-0.1.4 fleshes out both the adaproject script, and the project that it generates. The projects ChangeLog lists the major changes.
It now also follows GNU's release naming convention.

This is 'snapshot' release, before the current version gets too far from the released version. There have been minor changes in everything, and more changes are on the way.
But in the "Release often" vein, it was time for a release.

Posted by John Halleck 2002-09-04