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acWEB server 1.18 released


acWEB is a small and simple, but feature rich and extrimely stable
HTTP-server for Win32. We host tens domains on this server platform
for last 2 years.

Server use Forth language (SPF dialect) for server-side scripting,
but compatible with most others scripting engines - PHP, Perl,
extern ForthScript, etc.


To install acWEB as a system service (to run it invisible in
background) - just extract zip-file and run install_NT_service.cmd
Than use start_acWEB.bat and stop_acWEB.bat to start/stop service.... read more

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2002-12-12

acWEB server 1.14 released

WinXP compatibility issues solved, more conf\* samples added, new plugins and features.

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2002-03-20

CVS reset, import again

I've reset CVS repository because of wrong sources import before.

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-03-14


CVS now is up to date

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-03-03