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Version 2.0

Nov 2017 - Version of Activity Indicator is released. A major update for our beloved utility. Better - Faster - More Stable

Posted by Limbo 2017-11-06 Labels: hdd activity indicator led update v2

Activity Indicator - Version released

After a long long period a new service release is out.
A new function to start with windows is available.
Lot of bugs fixed.

Posted by Limbo 2015-09-06 Labels: update new release activity indicator 2015 hdd

New version available

Activity Indicator comes back with a new version! Final ++ is out with more options and slightly better behaviour. Download it and enjoy

Posted by Limbo 2010-10-19

Development of new version

A new version with new features is under development. A beta version will be available for download soon. Please stay tuned.

Posted by Limbo 2007-05-06

Version 1 Final Released (

The version is out.
Download it now to get more functions and more stability.
Every known bug is fixed and new features are available to this version.

Posted by Limbo 2006-11-26

Version 1 is closing... Please report bugs now

The development of version 1 si going to close.
The final release will be out soon. Please report any bug or suggestion ASAP.

Posted by Limbo 2006-11-19 New Version - Next version will version 1 final

The new version is too close to version 1 final.
The RC3k is the most complete version and it will released with a few bug fixes as final version (Please report any bugs).
No more functions will be added to version 1.

The development of next version is started.

Posted by Limbo 2006-11-01

Bug fixed - new release is available now

The bug multiple log saving bug is now fixed...
the program is still running for a new final version... Please keep checking on http:\\ for the latest news and updates.

Posted by Limbo 2006-10-26

Bug found - New release is coming...

The RC3i has a serious bug in the log saving code... The program is forced to save multiple log files under specific condition. The new release is under construction and it will published ASAP.

Posted by Limbo 2006-10-24

Running for version 1 final

The current version is under examination!
When the code is mature enough (no bugs - no crashes) the version 1 final will uploaded to sourceforge servers.

Mean while you can make suggestions under the forums of the group

Posted by Limbo 2006-10-21