#332 Checkin Does not Automatically Happen in OC

v4.1 (Development)

With the updates that were made in OpenContent, there are cases where the Active Wizard expects that the OC code is going to check in an object, but it no longer does. For example:

1) Edit a Workflow Role
2) Click ok to save it
3) The content saves, but the object is still checked out

Preliminary analysis suggests that this is due to a change in how the enhancedUpdateObject method works in OC. We should fix this for the above case, and then search the entire Wizard codebase for other occurrences of this issue.

Preliminary guess - the OC code used to execute a checkin, but now does not. So, we should update the wizard code to make an explicit checkin call to OC.


  • Charles Dull

    Charles Dull - 2012-03-16

    This error has a bigger issue in OC then previously thought and needs to possibly be discussed with Gautam/Max because of a fundamental difference between Alfresco and Documentum.

    In Alfresco, when you update a page, the page is stored as a working copy. The working copy is only versioned when you actually check in the page.

    Documentum, on the other hand, does not create a working copy. Therefore when you make changes to the xml, you must version the page else Documentum will override the previous version.

    For this reason, there is an issue with the way it currently attempts to check in a page. Since Documentum has to version a page in order to save the changes to its xml, there would be a problem with it versioning twice, as checking in a page later would version the document as well.

  • George Steimer

    George Steimer - 2012-06-14
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rdvorscak
  • rdvorscak

    rdvorscak - 2012-06-22
    • status: open --> pending-fixed

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