Bounty: Add / remove forwardings in Asterisk

  • Gunnar Schaller

    Gunnar Schaller - 2011-10-31


    I need to set / remove forwardings in Asterisk dialplan. So im my application (for example Estos ProCall) I say "activate forward to my mobile" and Asterisk dialplan changes from "Dial(SIP/ipphone)" to "Dial(mobile)". Cause it's hard to write to whole code by myself I offer money for it. Let's start with 100 Euro via Paypal. Who is willing to write die basic stuff so I can expand and debug that?
    On adding / removing an forward an Asterisk Agi should be called. The Asterisk Agi handles the dialplan so Activa doesn't need to know about the details. The Agi should be called with the needed parameters of the extension and the forwarding details.


  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2011-11-06

    Hi Gunnar!

    I know what you mean, what you want is that TAPI client Application (Estos ProCall) call TAPI lineforward, and you want that ActivaTSP/Asterisk activete a forwarding, is this right?

    Unfortunatly Asterisk haven't forwardings as a standard feature, but, as you say, it can be done using the dial plan  changing from "Dial(SIP/ipphone)" to "Dial(mobile)", I'm agree with that.

    Adding / removing forwarding can be done using Agi but, is it necessary? Calling an Agi implies making an unnecessary call.

    I think that in this case Asterisk database can be used, do you know it?
    ActivaTSP could insert/update information in the database, and it can be readed from the dialplan to conditionaly Dial the phone or the forward destination …

    Do you think the proposed idea would be enough? Or call an AGI has additional advantages for you?


  • Gunnar Schaller

    Gunnar Schaller - 2011-11-07


    You are right. But we need something generic for adding / removing a forwarding. By adding something to Asterisk database you need another logic (dialplan for example) to process this entries. It needs to be interesting for other people, too. Just think about Trixbox, Starface, Amooma Gemeinschaft and so on. It's improbable they add logic cause of an TAPI driver. So my idea was an Asterisk AGI. So you have a generic call-forwarding-info transfered into the AGI and the AGI needs to know about the place to add / remove a forward (in Asterisk dialplan and other places - some Asterisk GUI's do have their own information pool and generate the Asterisk dialplan from it).
    So in my opinion there needs to be three generic information transfer:
    - add a forwarding
    - remove a forwarding
    - show forwardings for an extension (so the user can see the forwardings currently active)
    Any ideas for a generic interface other than Asterisk AGI?



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