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ACM 4.0

See help and About ACM for new features.

ACM may fail to close after the update. This is due to a bug that has been fixed in 4.0.1. A system RESTART is required to fix this issue.


Posted by drakoxxx 2009-12-01

ACM stable. Please also note...

ACM has now been properly tested and we are ready to call it stable. please note due to previous changes if anyone who installed ACM prior to 3.0 version is having difficulty with shortcuts then please close ACM and delete syshook.dll located in the ACM install directory. (use program called "unlocker" if necessary to delete it). and start ACM again. This will cause the new syshook.dll to be overwritten using the new version. The new syshook.dll also does not block the file and it can be deleted after ACM has been closed.

Posted by drakoxxx 2007-09-09

ACM 3.0 is here

Long awaited ACM v3.0 is here with many great new features. ACM now supports Files and Images. Also implemented in this version is colour schemes so you can customize ACM with your theme. One of the biggest changes in this version is java extensions. ACM is an always on top program which has an insanely small interface and docks on title bar quite nicely. So now you can exploit that feature and put any java gui extension to go directly inside ACM. See our new site for details.
happy clipboarding

Posted by drakoxxx 2007-04-27


ACM now comes with full Unicode support and works for all languages now. In other new changes pruning of database has finally arrived and also deletion of other stored data. Happy clipboarding!

Posted by drakoxxx 2007-04-04

ACM New features and bugs fixed

ACM's release of 2.7.1 which is available for Automatic updates download now has Global Keyboard Shortcuts. Yay!
We also implemented fixes for the Always on top bug. If you still see any issues regarding this bug please use the feedback form to report. Thanks.
We Also have new about page that will now list any new features and fixes to keep you on track.
Have fun clipboarding

Posted by drakoxxx 2007-03-08

ACM always on top bug

We have a known issue where ACM's main window is not always on top but the output window is. We are looking into it right now.
A quick fix would be to click on system tray icon to bring up the ACM and then click on menu. uncheck always on top and then check it again. If you experience a problem where Always on top is checked but ACM isn't on top then do the same thing. Check and uncheck always on top. Version will the fix will soon be released. It will be available for automatic update.

Posted by drakoxxx 2007-02-07

ACM now saves configurations and more!

ACM can now save configurations so upon restart you wont have to do it again. To use the feature you will have to download the new Install FILE. As the updater will not update the shortcuts created by our previous installer that does not "Start in = C:\Program Files\Advanced Clipboard Manager" or a directory that it was installed in. This change can manually be done to the shortcuts or downloading the new install file will also do the magic. Also created now is option to have configurable amount of slots. This option is not available to users yet as it is still under testing. But a preview can be seen by going to the install directory and changing the value numButtons in ACM.dat to another number. Enjoy!

Posted by drakoxxx 2006-12-08

ACM now with installer

Now ACM can be installed like a normal program!

Posted by drakoxxx 2006-12-01

ACM beta uploaded

Advanced Clipboard Manager (ACM) uploaded today for open beta testing. Manages your clipboard with many options to retrieve the contents in various ways. New features are still being added everyday but feedback will be of great help. Current version runs on JRE 6.0 which is available for early access download at

Posted by drakoxxx 2006-11-10

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