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What's Up - February 2007

Hello -- and sorry for this long silence.

The Roadmap had been dropped around a year ago when I decided to move towards semantic net as the model for Acme. The app was completely rewritten once again as Acme 0.8, and project status has been changed from 'beta' to 'alpha'.

In December 2006 the Acme Community was established (

The conception of Acme has been seriously revised, and project status is now 'planning'. And -- no, we are not going to make another step back. :)... read more

Posted by Andy 2007-02-22

Acme version 0.7 "Spark" is released!

17 Jan 2006. The long-awaited Acme 0.7 "Spark" (unstable) is finished.

I'm glad to report that we are being in time: this release, "Spark", was scheduled for a period from around December 2005 till early 2006.

The sources are not published yet (see for details).

Next aim is Acme 0.8 "Eyeglow". Again, see the homepage for detailed roadmap.

Posted by Andy 2006-01-16

What's Up - 08 November 2005

The development has been slowed down until February 2006 (as planned).

STATUS: Currently there are working components for two of three major data classes (Category and Content) which provide generic support for some actions such as View, Edit, Rss.

TODO: some type-specific action handlers for the two above-mentioned components; Admin and User components; better error handling. These are beta-blockers.

Posted by Andy 2005-11-07

What's Up - 30 August 2005

The API seems to be worked out; most planned abstract functions are written and tested.

I'm now starting to merge the prototype into the trunk.

The next step will be building two components (aka pluggable system modules) - Admin and Document. What I now want is to test the whole architecture in real conditions. This iteration's hardest expected task will be creating a module to cope with Nested Sets (for Admin component mostly). I have some drafts, but they are very raw.... read more

Posted by Andy 2005-08-29

Contributors Needed

If you are a developer, and are interested in working on Acme - why not join the team? No matter what your favourite web-programming language is. Really.

Moreover, within some months we will need translators. I can support these languages shown on the Summary page, but of course at this time I would prefer focusing on programming. Also, adding other languages to the list would be an excellent work.
We don't currently provide language files, but their drafts are long ready, so anyone interested can write me and get the files.... read more

Posted by Andy 2005-07-28

What's Up - 28 July 2005

The recent version of the basic database structure looks very promising, and it seems that Ascore 1.0 will use it with some minor improvements.

This week has brought in a prototype of new I/O functions to examine the actual quality of the DB design. Later this fresh code will be merged into the trunk. I expect to cope with all this within a couple of months if everything goes well.

Stay tuned! ;)

Posted by Andy 2005-07-28


The project named "Ascore" (recently renamed to "Acme") started in Summer 2002, and there's a number of websites powered by different versions (0.4 to 0.6) of this CMS.

There were two complete rewrites of Ascore: versions 0.5 and 0.7. The last one is currently under development. So, there was no final release yet, but the 0.7 seems to be the last rewrite before 1.0.

The release is expected to come out in the late 2005 or early 2006.... read more

Posted by Andy 2005-07-28

Changing The Name

Acme is the new name of Ascore.

ACME stands for "Advanced Content Management Engine".

Posted by Andy 2005-07-26