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    Is there the possibility to let lsdvd show, which audio-tracks do have "forced subs"?

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      to be honest i have not heard of this. can you explain?

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      "forced subs" = "forced subtitles"
      Forced subs are subtitles which even appear, although you have not activated any subtitle track. For example in "Last samurai", when people talk in japanese, or in "Lord of the rings", when they talk in "elvisch".

      [Quote of a man-file of a windows dvd backup-tool:]
      Another Subtitle Option in the Advanced Settings is Forced Subs. Ticking that box does NOT force AutoGK to put the subs into the movie. It's for a special class of subtitles that you'll want, even if you don't want the regular subtitles in your language. Examples of Forced Subs may include the Elvish spoken in the LOTR movies, the Alien languages of the Star Wars movies, the Spanish spoken in Traffic, or sometimes signs in a different language. Forced Subtitles can be real tricky to find. Sometimes (usually) they are part of the main subtitle stream. In such cases, tick the Subtitle Stream in your language on the main screen, and then check "Display only Forced Subtitles" in Advanced Settings. Sometimes they have their own separate Sub Stream. So, you will choose a different Subtitle Stream on the main screen, and then do NOT choose Forced Subs in the Advanced Settings. Sometimes Subtitle Streams, regular or forced subs, are mislabelled and will be in a different language than what it says. The best advice that I can give is to run the Preview before doing the encoding to make sure that you have the right subs. There's nothing worse than spending all the time to encode the movie, and then finding out that you have to do it all over again because the subs don't show up. When looking for Forced Subs, try different combinations of languages on the main screen plus Forced Subs in Advanced Settings, or languages on the main screen only. Yeah, I know it's difficult and time consuming. But at least there aren't many movies with Forced Subs.
      [End of quote.]

      The problem is, if you have a dvd backup-tool, that can only rip one or two subtitle tracks, you have to know, in which subtitle track the forced subs (if there are forced subs) are. Because very often you have to chose e. g. between three english subtitle tracks and three german subtitle tracks.
      So it would be a big advantage, if a program like lsdvd could identify subtitle tracks which have forced subs.

      I hope you can understand, what i mean, for my English isnt really that good.


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      I ve forgotten to post this link:

      In the forum area of you can get much more information about forced subs.



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