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AChat / News: Recent posts

Tracker changes

AChat no longer supports posting Bug reports and/or Support requests anonymously - now you have to login with your account, this is because this way you will be notified via email when status of the tracker item is modified (comment added), so it will be more convenient for everyone (especially when anonymous user posted an item and it got moved to another tracker).

Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-10-12

AChat beta 6 released!

AChat has gone through many changes and improvements, focused was file transfer, which now resumes broken downloads and image sending, but also a few user requested features were added. Check them out!

Full changelog >

Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-06-15

New AChat site!

AChat has new site! This way I’d like to thank to James, who made all this possible, set everything up and wrote many posts.

Enjoy the new site!

Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-06-15

Migrated to SVN!

AChat's source code was just successfully migrated to the Subversion, hopefully it will make developers' life easier :)

Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-05-21

AChat beta 5 released!

Achat once again moved closer to stable release. This version addresses mostly problems with dynamic IP address, but also graphic user interface was slightly changed to make AChat more simple.

Full changelog can be found here:


Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-03-03

New AChat patch available!

New AChat patch (v0.132) is now available! It is first time that patch is only available via build-in Auto-update program.
If you're using AChat you will be soon notified that new version is available, but you can also run Auto-update program immediatelly and download latest patch.

Posted by Michal Hruby 2006-01-04

AChat beta 4 released!

AChat has again moved a bit closer to stable release. Beta4 version includes a couple of new features and some bug fixes.
See the full list of changes here:

Posted by Michal Hruby 2005-11-22

AChat beta 3 released!

AChat beta3 was released today. This version supports localization and it probably the last beta version, next one should stable ;)

Contribute and translate AChat to your native language.

Posted by Michal Hruby 2005-10-19

AChat beta 2 released

After a few months AChat beta 2 version was released, this version contains many bugfixes as well as few new and/or improved features.
One of the most significant change is Unicode support and fixed application behaviour in environments with changing IP address.
A full list of changes can be found here:

Also AChat's homepage was updated. Check it out!
... and Enjoy!

Posted by Michal Hruby 2005-10-09

AChat beta 1 released!

Today AChat moved to new stage of development - beta version was released. You will find many improvements, fixes and changes in the new version. The file also comes with an installer, so it's vey easy to start using AChat.

Complete list of changes can be found here:


Posted by Michal Hruby 2005-07-26

Site launched!

AChat site was launched today. Visit

Posted by Michal Hruby 2005-07-15