#44 Cooperation with metaobject protocols

acdk_core (12)

Would you like to provide calls to your library automatically and transparently?
How do you think about to use these tools?
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCxx
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenJava


  • Roger Rene Kommer

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    >> Would you like to provide calls to your library automatically
    and transparently
    What do you mean with automatically and transparently?

    >> OpenCxx

    The major difference between ACDK and OpenCxx is that
    OpenCxx is a translator/compiler.
    The detailed information about the class internals are available
    at compile time in OpenCxx. Basicly OpenCxx is similar to the
    first C++ compiler
    (CFront) which translates a language to another langauge.
    ACDK with its meta compiler only add meta information to
    ordinary C++ classes,
    which can be evaluated at run time. Additionally ACDK
    provides a inter-language
    communication protocoll to enable calling C++, Java,
    CfgScript, Lisp, COM, CORBA
    classes/interfaces from C++, Java, CfgScript, List, COM,
    CORBA, Perl, Python and Tcl.

    Of course OpenCxx is much more powerfull, than a simple 1:1
    language translator.
    It is tool to modify C++ with aspects or new syntax elements.

    I thought about to use it to simplify the ACDK code (Not
    needing "R"ClassName, using '.' instead of '->')
    but the tool chain to generate a resulting binary seems to be
    too complex if I introduce another,
    additional tool.

    I have done some researches on Intentional/Aspect oriented
    languages, which is probably similar to OpenCxx
    which I call AAL.
    Unfortunatelly I haven't the time in the last year to bring it
    into a useable

  • Markus Elfring

    Markus Elfring - 2004-03-23

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    1. Do you think that ACDK users can become interested in an automatic mapping into your library?

    2. How much intentions can be specified in compiled languages with your functions and methods?

    3. How much overlapping does exist between your meta compiler and the tools "OpenC++" or "OpenJava"?


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