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New(er) site

well we have a slightly better looking site at http://abscnc.sf.net/abscnc/ have a look around and if you find something wrong let me know.

Posted by Lachlan M 2001-09-27

Mailing List

ABSCNC has had a public mailing list going for a while now. Sadly it has not been taken up very quickly. This messange is basicly a push to get people to subscribe to it and use the service. Go to the 'Lists' tab at the top of the screen and locate 'abscnc-interest' and click the subscribe link.

Posted by Lachlan M 2001-07-26

New Forums!

There are two new forums for the AbsCnC project. These specifically cover the Presentation Engine and the Rules Engine. This will make it much easier to focus discussions and monitor threads.

These forums are deliberately public because we see that our open discussion forum gets a lot of non-members involved, and they can contribute a lot of ideals, innovation and perspective.

Also, everyone should ensure that they join the AbsCnC-Interest mailing-list!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-07

Simple demo code!

You can get simple demo client-server code from http://will.mojosys.org/abscnc/ Warning- this is for code-heads only! You will need Java 2 SDK installed- then run test.bat

Catch up on what it does in the developers forum.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-03-27

Early code release

My work so far on the object model has been put on the ftp space here at sourceforge. See the documentation about it.

Posted by Anonymous 2000-10-31

Overview documentation posted

Some general overview documentation has been posted. Please comment on it!

Posted by Anonymous 2000-10-23

Early code is working

Early code is concerntrating on an object model- a way of describing all the types of vehicles, weapons, trees and buildings etc on the battlefield- and the code can now load all the unit and building types from a Tiberian Sun ini file. Coding is now being done to load all the missiles and weapons and warheads from a Tiberian Sun ini too, although particle weapons and superweapons may not be included to start with.

Posted by Anonymous 2000-10-23