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.Net Framework 2.0 release

This last version doesn't add any functionality, it's just a recompiled one using the .NET 2.0 framework classes. Tested under windows vista 64 bit.

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2007-06-05

abrViewer.NET 2.0 Released

This version's enhancements made by Anna Forrest including:

- Replaced the single folder brush list with a file browser showing all subdirectories of the selected folder.
- Added the ability to categorize brushes into ‘favorites’.
- Added the ability to install and uninstall brushes to Adobe Photoshop’s preset directory.
- Added an options dialog to set location of Photoshop’s preset directory and configure one or more folders to be loaded into the file browser automatically when application starts.
- Added support for .jbr file extension (old Paint Shop Pro brushes).

Posted by myranalis 2006-11-11

abrViewer.NET 1.0.2 released

The next version of ABRViewer is now available.
This version was released by a community member (Graham A) upon urging from his wife to make abrViewer label the brush sets on screen.
Other improvements include:
- Tiles are automatically refreshed when resizing the window.
- Can now remove the last brush set or clear all brush sets.
- First attempt at remembering the last folder selected. In this version, this is based upon the last brush set on-screen.... read more

Posted by Graham 2006-10-11

Experimental abrViewer web serviced!

About cross-platform issue. A way to approach the question could be a web serviced version. Please note this is an experimental version: http://www.g1ga.it/upload_abr.html

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2006-03-22

abrViewer.NET 1.0.1 released!

fixed minor bugs in the exporting process

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2005-07-20

Mailing list activated!

Now you can follow the status of this project by subscribing to the mailing list. Go to http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/abrviewer-news

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2005-07-19

English version released!

Now avalaible english support for version 1.0

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2005-07-19

abrViewer.NET 1.0 released!

Hey guys! Now I can consider myself a proud member of the open source community! I hope you enjoy my utility.

Posted by Luigi Bellanca 2005-07-16