#7 linking to files

Allan Neal

I am looking at augmenting the abook-address.pl palm
syncing script for coldsync. for multi line notes I
would like to have them be in a subdirectory off of
.abook/ and be referenced in the note field of abook.
Being able to open that note file in $EDITOR directly
through abook would be the best option. I don't even
know if this is possible.

I only would like to do this as the Palm address book
can have a memo style note attached to the addressbook
entry. The field length restrictions within abook make
this impossible to do within the abook program itself.
I figured a linked note would be the easiest way to
implement this kind of functionality.


  • Allan Neal

    Allan Neal - 2004-09-14

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    the note field would be a full path and file name. I would
    like to open it in $EDITOR in a similar maner to browsing
    the url field in a browser identified in the config file.

  • Jaakko Heinonen

    Jaakko Heinonen - 2005-02-28
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