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Notes on the v0.2 release

This version adds a whole bunch of new features. New types of monsters, new items (gems, platforms, springs) and new dangers like water. Full screen mode became the default and windowed mode an option. I have done almost no playability testing because (a) I develop in god mode and (b) because I really suck at completing these types of games. Someone with good hand-eye coordination could send me some feedback if the game is too hard or too easy.
Also, I need _music_! There are tons of free sound effects on the web, but I haven't found any music loops. I'm looking for something with a hint of adventure -spine-tingling danger!- and maybe an exotic edge (egyptian theme?).
In the next release, I plan to add:
-more monsters (cannons, snakes, etc.)
-traps (fire, spikes, "friggin' laser beams")
-more items to increase score
-more puzzle items
If you have any ideas or wishes on any of the above, let me know.

Posted by Gabor Torok 2003-02-02