GaryK - 2005-09-27

I am not an AAF developer, but I believe I have found a bug in version 1.1. Could someone please review this simple repair and advise as to its validity?

PROBLEM: I created an AAF file that defines a new TypeDefinitionRecord. When I use infoDumper to read the file, an assertion failure occurs in  ImplAAFTypeDefRecord::NativeSize.

SOLUTION: Similar to terabrit's repair to ImplAAFTypeDefVariableArry revision 1.63, which I now apply to ImplAAFTypeDefRecord::NativeSize. Here is the old code:

  ((ImplAAFTypeDefRecord*)this)->AttemptBuiltinRegistration ();
  assert (IsRegistered());
  return _registeredSize;

Here is the revised code:

  ((ImplAAFTypeDefRecord*)this)->AttemptBuiltinRegistration ();
  if (IsRegistered())
    return _registeredSize;
  return PropValSize();

It seems to work, but I am not expert enough to know of potential bad consequences.