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aview released

After years, an updated version of aview - high quality ascii art image viewer has been released. It contains dozen of bugfixes and builds using new aalib version 1.4.

Check out also our small ascii art gallery.

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-04-25

new Ascii-art gallery page

We now have small gallery available at

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-04-22

Page how to tune AA-lib has been added

We now have page http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/tune/ containing small introduction on how to improve quallity of AA-lib ASCII Art output

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-04-22

aavga version 1.0rc1 has been released

AAvga is an postable, secure drop in replacement of SVGAlib
that replaces graphics output by Ascii Art by using aalib as an backend. It should be able to sucesfully run number of games, such as Quake, Koules, Maelstorm, MAME and others.

If no important bugs will be found, this package will become version 1.0 of the aavga.

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-04-18

AA-lib (the ascii art GFX library) version 1.4rc1 released

New AA-lib (the base of AA-project) has been updated to next major release, 1.4. The release candidate 1 will probably become official version, if no critical bugs appears.

Contains tons of bugfixes, improved quality of rendering, new linux keyboard driver (so with CVS version of aavga, the ttyquake is really playable), new documentation and number of other improvements.

Homepage has been moved to http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/... read more

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-04-17

A new pre-relase version of aalib is comming.

A brand new release of aalib is on the way. Soon, the release candidate 1 can be expected.

Posted by Kamil Toman 2001-04-09

AA project is back! ;)

Believe it or not the activity on AA project and related stuff increases again ;).

The web pages and ftp archives are back now. We are focusing on updated releases of all main packages.

Posted by Kamil Toman 2001-04-09

AA project is moving to SourceForge

Our original home - horac.ta.jcu.cz is definitly dead. We are moving to sourceforge now. The homepage is up, aa-lib release is done. We wait for CVS to be created and to find backup of all the other programs.

Posted by Jan Hubicka 2001-02-11