#33 note categorization/tagging, note linking


1) Tag a note into different categories. For example,
all of my notes regarding a screenplay I'm writing
could be tagged with the words "screenplay" and
"godfather9"(it's title)...

2) Link related notes. Automatically link words in one
note to other notes which have the same occurences of
the word. For example, I wrote a note a week ago about
a restaurant a friend recommended: "Got to check out
Hello Deli, they say the pizza there is heavenly!".
Then today another friend called me up asking me to go
to there, so I write a new note to remind me: "Having
lunch with Dave at 12 o'clock at Hello Deli" ... then
automatically the phrase 'Hello Deli' in the second
note will become clickable, linking it with the note I
wrote a week ago. I click it, read the old note, and
now I know exactly what to order for lunch, pizza!


  • Trilarion

    Trilarion - 2009-11-29

    Sounds like a nice feature. Thanks for the report.

  • Trilarion

    Trilarion - 2009-11-29
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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