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9 programs for "isogeometric"

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  • IgbemSopt

    A framework of shape optimisation based on the isogeometric BEM

    This is an implementation of shape optimisation solver based on the isogeometric boundary element method (IGBEM). The details are described in a paper "A framework of shape optimisation based on the isogeometric boundary element method toward designing thin-silicon phtovoltaic devices" submitted to the journal "Engieering with Computers".

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  • nurltoolbox

    Non-Uniform Rational Lagrange (NURL) function toolbox

    This package includes a collection of routines for the creation and operation of Non-Uniform Rational Lagrange (NURL) function geometries and its applications to isogeometric analysis of in-plane and flexural vibration of thin plates, based on the NURL toolbox by Bo Liu. The package includes 3 sub-packages: (1) a basic NURL package for the creation and operation of NURL geometries and isogeometric analysis. (2) A NURL curve package. This package includes routines for creation and operation...

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  • GeoPDEs (moved to GitHub)

    A package for Isogeometric Analysis in Octave and Matlab

    GeoPDEs is a suite of software tools for research on Isogeometric Analysis of PDEs. GeoPDEs is free software implemented in Octave and fully compatible with Matlab. GeoPDEs is no longer developed at SF, and has moved to GitHub. Please visit http://rafavzqz.github.io/geopdes/ The mailing list will remain active. Releases up to 2.0.4 can be found here. From version 2.1.0 onward, see https://github.com/rafavzqz/geopdes

  • igafem Icon


    Open source 3D Matlab Isogeometric Analysis Code

    Isogeometric analysis (IGA) is a fundamental step forward in computational mechanics that offers the possibility of integrating methods for analysis into Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and vice versa. The benefits of such an approach are evident, since the time taken from design to analysis is greatly reduced leading to large savings in cost and time for industry. The tight coupling of CAD and analysis within IGA requires knowledge from both fields and it is one of the goals of the MIGFEM...

  • ArchNURBS Icon


    NURBS-based elastic and limit analysis of masonry arches in MATLAB

    ArchNURBS is a MATLAB tool for the analysis of planar curved structures, with a particular attention to masonry arches. As in CAD softwares, the geometry of the model is defined by a NURBS representation of the structure. Indeed, the user can upload geometries imported from a CAD environment. Based on such a representation, ArchNURBS performs the elastic isogeometric finite element analysis and the collapse limit analysis of the structure. It is possible to include in the analysis the presence...

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  • Isogeometric FEM with matlab

    Matlab code for conducting isogeometric analysis using NURBS

    This matlab code presents an introduction to isogeometric analysis whereby the basis functions that are used for computer aided geometric design (CAGD) are also used for approximation in finite element analysis. The present code uses Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines but it should be noted that the CAGD community is making headway towards other descriptions of the geometry, overcoming the limitations of NURBS such as lack of water-tightness. The code also illustrates enrichment through...

  • igabem

    Isogeometric boundary element analysis with matlab

    This code holds all the matlab files necessary to run a 2D isogeometric code for elastostatic analysis. For more guidance, it is probably a good idea to have a look through the code repository, and more recent updates to the code may also be present here. The main idea is that instead of using conventional Lagrangian polynomials to discretise the unknown fields and geometry (using the isoparametric concept), the basis functions that are used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) are used instead...

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  • NurbsAbaqus

    An implementation of isogeometric analysis in Abaqus

    NurbsAbaqus is an implementation of IsoGeometric Analysis (IGA) in Abaqus. It provides a UELMAT subroutine to use NURBS elements and pre/post processing tools.

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  • SWP2D

    Seismic Wave Propagation in 2D acoustic or elastic media using the following methods: Staggered-Grid Finite Difference Method, Spectral Element Method, Interior-Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method, and Isogeometric Method.

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